Historic Bethel Church

                                                                        Stone marker in snow

Organized in 1764, Bethel is one of the oldest churches in the region, and is the mother church of many neighboring congregations. In a world that now measures time in nanoseconds, Bethel has been a cornerstone of this community for more than 250 years.

Please see the History section of our website for fuller information on our rich history.






See US Farm Report Country Church Salute.



In 2014, Bethel celebrated 250 years of God's great faithfulness to his people in the Bethel community.



Bethel Cemetery Association


Historic Bethel Cemetery


Final resting place to numerous Revolutionary War Patriots and Confederate Soldiers.



See History for detailed information on the rich heritage of both the church and Historic Bethel Cemetery.


Updated History of Bethel Presbyterian Church (1764-2014) available for purchase @ $10.00 per copy,  plus $3.00 S&H. Contact Cary Grant @ 803-962-2112 or email: caryegrant@bellsouth.net  Copies are also available for $10.00 @ Bethel Church Office: 803-222-7166


Video for 250th Anniversary Celebration