A Pornographic Worldview

We live in a world that is super-saturated with the lust of the flesh and an alarming  ease of access to pornography; we have been talking about how to protect our children, of all ages, and our own hearts and minds for the past couple of weeks in Providence Sunday school. The following is taken from a booklet handed out during a seminar that I attended a few months ago entitled Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually Healthy Kids (anything below in brackets I have added for clarification). This section is intended to give some handles for parents to grab hold of while trying to talk to and prepare their children (of all ages but aimed at tweens) to battle pornography. How do we develop a Christian Worldview in dealing with Pornography?

To do this we must understand the tenets of a “Porn Worldview” that the world is teaching:

  1. Porn presents a fake view of sex and relationships. This worldview teaches that the ultimate end of life is our pleasure (particularly in sex). Sex isn’t a bad thing! But this worldview turns it into an ultimate thing. Relationships, then, are not about building a life together over time- they are about how much sex you can get! Porn teaches this: “I need sex. It is the goal of life, and others are there to provide it for me.” People then, turn into objects, leading to our second point…
  2. Porn is Dehumanizing. The worldview of porn is dehumanizing in that it turns people into objects. Relationships, sacrificial love, and true intimacy do not exist in the porn world or in the sexting world (where students send pornographic pictures of themselves and/or sexual language over their phones). We become what matters most in life. As this worldview turns us inward, porn and sexual sin via technology will ultimately create in us a selfish spirit that will affect every relationship in our lives, breaking down our ability and desire to love and serve others and eventually be sacrificially sexually intimate with others… And this worldview always works itself out into real life. Our kids need to know that what they do in private always is eventually revealed in public. As we use technology in sinful ways, it will eventually begin to break down the relationships we have in our lives. Why? Because we are constantly listening to a worldview that tells us that people exist for us. We’ll start to believe it, and then it’s only a matter of time before our lives begin to reflect that belief.
  3. Porn Normalized Perversions. This worldview normalizes things like child pornography, anger in sex, human bondage in sex, etc. and the more one keeps looking at porn, the more one needs to look at edgier and more extreme images, thereby “normalizing” further perversions. But it also normalizes the hook-up culture (having sex or intimacy with a friend or stranger, without any further commitment/contact) which perverts God’s original design! Porn and sexual sin via technology teach that marriage is confining and boring, that we must have novelty to be happy. Which means it actually turns marriage into a perversion and hooking up into normality.
  4. Porn Leads to Lifestyles of Lies and Deceit. The person looking at porn or engaging in sexual sin via technology will hide his or her behavior. They will lie and deceive in order to keep their behavior hidden so that they can keep doing it. And a lifestyle of lying and deception will ultimately destroy a meaningful relationship with God and others. Guilt and shame will become that person’s closest companion. And as guilt and shame take root, they will rob the person of his or her God-given assurance and identity in Jesus.
  5. Porn Acts Like Spiritual Salt Water and Promises What it Can Not Deliver. To a thirsty human being salt water looks pretty good, until you start to drink it. The more and more you drink of it, the more it dries you up from the inside out. Porn and sexual sin via technology promise that your humdrum, routine life can be exciting beyond anything you ever imagined. Are you lonely, afraid, bored, stressed, fearful, depressed, angry? Is life hard? Sexual sin via technology promises true life, that your thirst for pleasure can be quenched by it, that if you drink from its well, you will find what you are looking for… There is nothing new under the sun. This is what the serpent’s lie in Genesis 3 is all about. This is what Jesus means by drinking from water that will leave you thirsty in John 4:13. Only Christ can provide the true life that sexual sin via technology promises. The more we drink from the well-that-won’t-satisfy, the thirstier, more dried out, and more spiritually parched we become. True life is lived in constant pursuit of and faith in Jesus. In Him we find the life that we were meant to have.

It is my hope that as you prayerful begin or continue to have conversations with your children about a Christian world and life view, that you are also talking to them about what the world says in opposition to the Bible teachings, especially in regards to sexuality. Remember that in I Chronicles 12:23-40 we read of a generation that understood their times and was better equipped to fight and win. By God’s grace let us understand these sexually saturated times and lean how to prepare our children to fight and thrive!