Marshall Moments

December 2016

Dec 13

The Complete Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas What are your favorite things about Christmas? We know that the spiritual answer is, “Well I am so consumed with my love for Jesus that I cannot see anything else during the Christmas season.” While that may be the Christian-eze answer, we all must confess, and I think with joy, to loving many other...
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Dec 9

The Third Day of Christmas

The Third Day of Christmas Continuing the bird motif, our giver sends three French hens to his love. In the 16th century a French hen was far more expensive than the standard hen and only the wealth could afford them. Three expensive birds as a gift ought to excite our minds, bringing up images of the three wise-men or magi from the East coming...
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Dec 5

The Second Day of Christmas

The Second Day of Christmas We are told that on this second day of Christmas that his true love gave him two turtle-doves. Our gift giver seems to have access to some strange birds, but what is the significance to these two feathered presents? “Turtledoves (also called doves) are known as gentle birds of peace. Long ago people gave doves...
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Dec 2

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Introduction and the First Day of Christmas Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th? I am sorry to disillusion you if you believed that that was indeed the day on which He was born but His exact birthday has been lost to history but most historians believe that He was most probably born closer to our summer months in July. A date was...
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