Organized in 1764

Church Campus

The Bethel church campus is comprised of 3 buildings, the Sanctuary, the Education Building and the Family Life Center

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the two-story building that fronts Rt. 557. Sunday morning worship meets on the first floor and there is seating in the balcony of the Sanctuary.

2023 Expansion and Changes Still to Come in Phase 2
Bethel's sanctuary building underwent an expansion in 2023 with the addition of new exits from the balcony into stairwells that currently feed both to the first floor of the Sanctuary and outside. Some sections of this building aren't accessible to the general public until Phase 2 occurs. The 
areas include the first floor rooms behind the Sanctuary and the church basement where Youth Sunday School normally meets. 

The Education Building

The Education Building is to the right of the Sanctuary as it fronts Rt. 557. This building contains rest rooms and most of the Sunday School classes meet here unless otherwise noted in the Adult, Youth or Children's Sunday School information.

The Family Life Center

The Family Life Center (FLC) is the two-story building behind the Sanctuary and Education Building. In addition to housing rest rooms and the gym and kitchen on the first floor, the church staff offices and conference room are on the second floor.